'Game of Thrones' beer Take the Black Stout greets fans at launch event

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Fans finally got their first official taste of the new "Game of Thrones" beer from Brewery Ommegang at a launch event in Los Angeles. The celebration allowed those who purchased tickets to the event to be among the first to taste the Take the Black Stout.

After being announced in June, Brewery Ommegang let some lucky San Diego Comic-Con attendees be among the first to taste the beer. With the stout now prepping for a fall release, this Los Angeles-set event was one of the first to allow a wider set of fans to taste the hearty beer.

Zap2it was invited to the launch event, which took place at the Blue Plams Brewhouse on Sept. 29. Attendees were given an official "Game of Thrones" Take the Black Stout glass (like the one pictured here) and a free taste of the tie-in beer, as well as a gourmet sausage. The celebration took place on the rooftop of the Fonda Theatre, and allowed attendees to have a great view of Hollywood while sipping their Take the Black Stout, or other Ommegang beers present.


Floating around the party were men dressed in authentic Night's Watch uniforms to make the event even more Westeros-themed, and they joked around in-character with guests in attendance. There also were caricatures being drawn, and prizes given for those wearing the best costumes.

Take the Black Stout will be available on draft and in 750 ml bottles starting at the end of September. Fans looking to find where the beer will be available closest to them should check out the "find a beer" tab at the Brewery Ommegang website. "Game of Thrones" returns to HBO in Spring 2014.


Photo/Video credit: Zap2it