'Game of Thrones': New finale pictures and Kerry Ingram cast as Shireen

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game-of-thrones-nights-watch.jpg "Game of Thrones" will have it's Season 2 finale on Sunday, June 3. After an incredible season full of twists and turns, we've got one final chance to see what happens to the people of Westeros.

"Valar Morghulis" will feature the after-effects of the Battle of Blackwater, and hopefully give us some answers about what happened to the dragons. Check out some new pictures from the episode to tide you over until Sunday night.

In addition to the photos, we've got casting news. Young actress Kerry Ingram has been cast as Stannis' daughter Shireen for Season 3. She tweeted, "Can't wait to start on game of thrones :0) xx." She then responded to a congratulations tweet by posting, "thank you x I've never done anything like this before so I'm a little bit nervous x :0) xxxx."

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Photo/Video credit: HBO