'Game of Thrones': New pics show the epic scale of HBO's series

game-of-thrones-kings-landing.jpgHBO has released some new images from "Game of Thrones," and they give you a good sense of just how big a scale the series wants to project.

Up above, you can see a CGI-enhanced view of King's Landing, the capital city of Westeros, where the series is set. It's the largest city in the land and the home of the king ( Mark Addy), so it's appropriately opulent-looking.

Then there's Winterfell, the northern home of Lord Eddard Stark ( Sean Bean). It's a much more rough-hewn place, in keeping with its more isolated location. You can see the castle below, followed by a far-off shot that shows just how much nothing surrounds it.

game-of-thrones-winterfell.jpg game-of-thrones-rider.jpgFinally, here's the Wall, the massive, miles-long barrier that separates the settled portions of Westeros from the far north and the mysterious beings that live beyond it. Those little specks at the bottom of the frame are men on horseback.

game-of-thrones-wall.jpg"Game of Thrones" premieres April 17 on HBO; a 15-minute preview airs at 9 p.m. ET Sunday, April 3.
Photo/Video credit: HBO