'Game of Thrones' Season 4 preview: 'The Starks are coming back stronger'

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The first signs of winter on HBO will come well before the "Game of Thrones" Season 4 premiere. A 15-minute presentation teasing the new season will air in a few weeks, and a short trailer for "Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" has made its way online.

The featurette is filled with a number of first looks at the new season for those of you (like us) out there who obsess over every frame of "Game of Thrones" footage. In addition to Maisie Williams saying that "the Starks are coming back stronger" and Peter Dinklage promising Tyrion will never be more humiliated than he will be in Season 4, here are some moments in the trailer you might have missed:


Looks like married life hasn't gotten any better for Sansa and Tyrion. They're at what looks like a celebration, but neither is particularly happy.


Yet Sansa does look a bit more determined later in the trailer after Williams notes the Starks will be coming back stronger. Why is Sansa hiding her face? And why is she wearing dark colors? Fans of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" books might have a good idea what this scene is from.


The twincest is back! After being apart for more than a season, Jaime and Cersei are at it again, hooking up in this new trailer. At least he's finally shaved -- and has a gold hand.


We also get a great, albeit brief, look at the new Mountain in this trailer.

Other quick moments of note in the teaser: Jaime Lannister fighting left-handed, the Hound punching someone in the face, a man's throat being slit, the Red Viper showing off some Jedi moves and Jon Snow getting into the thick of a battle up at the Wall. Can it please be April 6 already now?

"Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing" will air Feb. 9 at 8:45 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

Photo/Video credit: HBO