'Game of Thrones': Check out the script for Tyrion's game-changing trial scene

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tyrion-trial-script.jpg Peter Dinklage's best work yet on "Game of Thrones" has to be the game-changing trial scene from this season. 

When Tyrion Lannister stood trial for the assassination of his nephew King Joffrey, he remained stoic and silent ... until, that is, his lover Shae betrayed him and lied to the court, throwing him to the wolves. That's when Tyrion lost his cool and ripped apart all of Westeros, giving the speech to end all speeches.

The entire trial scene was epic, tense and incredible to watch, and when Dinklage let loose all of Tyrion's pain and anger and hurt, he reminded everyone why Tyrion is the fan-favorite character on the HBO series.

Want to relive the awesome trial scene? Check out the script below (first posted on EW):

trial-script-1.jpg trial-script-2.jpg trial-script-3.jpg

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO.

Photo/Video credit: HBO