'Game of Thrones': Vote on who should rule Westeros!

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game-of-thrones-ghosts-of-harrenhal-season-2-episode-5-daenerys-quorth-emilia-clarke.jpgWe lost one candidate for king in "Game of Thrones" Season 2, episode 5, "The Ghost of Harrenhal." With the field narrowing, it seems like it's time for a vote. (Sure, it's a monarchy, but voting is fun!) Spoiler ahead if you haven't seen the episode. In that case, just skip down and vote.

There was a huge shift in power, with all of Renly's ( Gethin Anthony) troops, with the notable exception of Brienne ( Gwendoline Christie) heading over to Stannis' ( Stephen Dillane) side. The loss of Renly as a player in the game will definitely change the game. We also don't know who else Melisandre's ( Carice Van Houten) magic smoke baby is going to take out. Daenerys ( Emilia Clarke) just got a marriage proposal and the money that comes with it (not to mention her dragons) might just throw a wrench in Melisandre's plans.

Vote for your favorite in our poll below and check back to see who's winning. We've thrown a few people who we wish could rule as well. Don't see your favorite on here? Leave your choice for the ruler of Westeros in the comments below.

Photo/Video credit: HBO