Gamer dies in internet cafe -- no one notices for 9 hours

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Internet Cafe.jpgAccording to Sky News, a Taiwanese gamer Chen Rong-Yu, 23, died in the café in New Taipei city on night of Jan 31 while playing video games, apparently of a massive heart attack. His corpse went unnoticed for 9 hours while fellow gamers played around him.

Rong-Yu was playing "League of Legends" and was found rigid on a chair with his hands stretched out towards the keyboard and mouse, police said. He was last seen by a waitress talking on the phone around noon on Wednesday. There were approximately 30 other gamers in the room with him during the day.

Initial police reports indicate he may have died due to cardiac arrest brought on by blood clots formed due to a combination of cold temperatures, exhaustion, and lack of movement. According to his family he had been treated for a heart condition last September.

Gamers, if you must sit for hours to get your "World of Warcraft" toon to level 85 or get the next force power in "Star Wars: The Old Republic," don't forget to take breaks here and there.  Stretch your legs. Draw the alphabet with your toes. Eat a frozen pizza. Check out the giant orb of fire in the sky here and there.
Photo/Video credit: Getty Images