Gary Coleman joke at Donald Trump roast: Too soon, too insensitive, too unfunny

gary-coleman-hat.jpgRoasts are supposed to be funny, right? It seems that everyone who attended Donald Trump's Comedy Central Roast bombed spectacularly. We all cringed through The Situation's drunken, self-congratulatory mess-fest, and were relieved when Jeffrey Ross intervened and put the Jersey bore out of his misery.

Except, it turns out that Ross was kind of a tool, too. Was there any reason to bring up Gary Coleman at a Donald Trump event? The man lived 42 years and never even resorted to a "Celebrity Apprentice" appearance. Can't we just let him rest in peace?

"He died of multiple aneurysms, which is a little like diff'rent strokes," Ross says.

Um... maybe we'll laugh later. Or not.

Trump says he agreed to the roast for charity's sake -- and he even poked fun at himself during the event. "Maybe you've heard this one. What's the difference between a wet raccoon and Donald Trump's hair?" he asked the audience. "A wet raccoon doesn't have seven billion f---ing dollars in the bank."

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images