Blonsky's big moment melts hearts


George Clooney arrived too late (and without new squeeze Sarah Larson) at last night's Critics Choice Awards to do any yakking on the arrivals carpet about the cancellation of the Golden Globes caused by the stalemate in the WGA negotiations.

But that didn't stop the Oscar-winning actor-writer-director from voicing his opinions onstage when presenting his pal Don Cheadle with an award for his humanitarian work for Darfur, including his part in the documentary "Darfur Now."

"We're a one-industry town and when a strike happens, it's not just high-level people, it affects everyone, even down to restaurants and waiters," Clooney said. "What we hope is that all the players will lock themselves in a room and not leave until it's settled. We all want this to be done."

Newcomers Ellen Page and Nikki Blonsky sounded circumspect about not going to the Globes for the first time as nominees for their work in "Juno" and "Hairspray," respectively. On the carpet, Blonsky admitted she had a dress in the works for the event. "But that's OK. A girl always needs a good dress. I can always wear it to my brother's confirmation!"

Later, Blonsky's adorably enthusiastic acceptance speech for her best young actress award made everyone remember the real thrill of the awards season: seeing talented newcomers having impossible dreams fulfilled and being recognized for their work by their peers.

In truth, the speech was more like an acceptance squeal, with a big shriek out to '"my Mommy, who's sitting here crying, and to my other Mommy, who's at home; John Travolta, and to MY DAD AND MY BROTHER WHO ARE WATCHING LIVE AT HOME!"

Even seasoned awards-goers admitted it was like watching a kid at Disneyland for the first time. 

C'mon, guys. Get back to the table and get this thing done! Give Nikki a chance to wear the darn dress! Maybe to the Oscars?

Photo credit: WireImage