George Clooney takes Sudan message to Washington

clooney-wdc-4-getty.jpg Actor George Clooney has made no secret of his political leanings and his interest in human rights issues. The Oscar winner is taking his concerns about the crisis in Sudan to Washington, DC in an effort to effect change in the region.

Clooney's travels through the nation's capital began March 14 and included a meeting with President Obama, testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations committee and attending a state dinner honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The celeb tells the Associated Press he recognizes his role in attempting to call attention the humanitarian crisis. He says, "All I really can do is amplify the situation and help to bring a spotlight to it."

As it relates to Sudan, Clooney adds that "the good news for us is we feel like there's a commitment at a high level."

Here are some pictures from Clooney's travels.

clooney-wdc-2-getty.jpg clooney-wdc-1-getty.jpg clooney-wdc-6-getty.jpg

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images