Gift Guide 2012: Ideas for TV lovers from 'Breaking Bad' to 'The Vampire Diaries'

It's that time of year again: Holiday gift-buying crunch time. If you still don't know what you want to get your best friend, sister, or annoying co-worker, Zap2it has all the answers! For our first holiday gift guide of 2012, we've got some solid gift ideas for the TV lover in your life. (Basically, this is stuff we'd like to get for Christmas. Feel free to contact us for our office address if you want to give us presents.)

homeland-girls-season-1-2.jpg "Homeland" Season 1: You know when you go out for drinks with all of your friends, and there's that one guy who never really adds anything to the conversation? It's probably because he's never seen "Homeland," and all anybody ever talks about these days is "Homeland." Help your friend get back in the groove by gifting him with the first season of the critically acclaimed Showtime drama. Seriously. Everybody's doing it.

"Girls" Season 1: See above. "Girls" returns January 13. If you are a female between the ages of 16 and 96, or if you are the significant other of a female between the ages of 16 and 96, you're going to need to watch this if you have any intention of knowing what anybody is talking about. So do your BFF a favor and hook her up with Season 1, so she can catch up before Season 2 becomes the only thing you tweet about. Ever.

ipad-amplifear.jpgThe Amplifear: We're all watching TV on our iPads these days, whether it's a Netflix marathon or an episode we bought from iTunes. The only problem is, the speakers on iPads leave a lot to be desired, which makes group viewing rather inconvenient. The Amplifear just clips on to the corner of your iPad and boosts the sound, so you can hear it even when it isn't three inches from your face. They even have different colors to match your iPad case.

mercy-blowfish-hangovers.jpg Mercy hangover prevention and Blowfish hangover remedy: Listen, Blowfish isn't anything revolutionary -- its active ingredients are aspirin and caffeine. But after your BFF kills half a box of wine to drown her pain after Shonda Rhimes murders her favorite "Grey's Anatomy" character, she's not going to want to rifle through the medicine cabinet or make her way to Starbucks. A drink of Mercy right before "Scandal" ends and a Blowfish in the morning, and she'll feel just fine while she's sending Shonda angry tweets in the morning.

gourmet-popcorn.jpgGourmet Popcorn: Sure, you could let your parents eat the same old microwave popcorn that they always eat when they're watching whatever parents watch on Friday nights -- probably something on CBS. Or you can hook them up with a custom tin of gourmet popcorn, like a good kid would do. Garrett Popcorn Shops let you choose up to three flavors -- so you can pick one for Dad, one for Mom, and one for you. (Because you totally watch those CBS shows with them when you're home for the holidays.)

breaking-bad-magnetic-poetry.jpg "Breaking Bad" magnetic poetry kit: Did 47 people show up to your Halloween party dressed in hazmat suits and carrying around blue rock candy? These people are "Breaking Bad" fans, and they will appreciate this quirky and original gift. Plus, "Breaking Bad" fans have a thing about magnets. Just trust us. This has the added bonus of being from an Etsy shop, which means you get to support another "Breaking Bad" fan, not The Man.

magic-wand-remote-control.jpg Magic Wand remote: With this, your nerdy cousin will totally impress all his nerdy girlfriends when they come over to watch all their nerdy shows. This easy-to-program magic wand learns thirteen different commands from your TV remote, so with just a flick of your wrist, you can be a TV magician! Uh, we mean your nerdy cousin. Because you're way too cool for something like this. (P.S. Nobody is too cool for this.)

love-you-to-death.jpgUnofficial TV companions: When TV nerds can't watch TV, they like to read about TV. ECW Press publishes amazingly thorough unofficial guides to all our favorite TV seasons -- we're particularly fond of Chrissy Calhoun's "Love You To Death" series about "The Vampire Diaries." They also have books on "Lost," "Gossip Girl," and even "The Brady Bunch." Packed with insight, interviews, and fun observations, any TV fan would be happy to tear herself away from the screen to dig in to these books.


panther-football-t-shirt.jpg Panther Football T-shirt: If your TV Lover friend doesn't love "Friday Night Lights," your TV Lover friend is not a true TV Lover and should be shunned. Yes, we know "Friday Night Lights" hasn't actually been on the air in over a year. We don't care. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

A Hulu Plus Subscription: Netflix is awesome for catching up when you're a few seasons behind on a great show, but Hulu Plus is the best option for streaming shows that are currently airing. Illegal downloading isn't cool, y'all -- and with Hulu Plus, you don't have to. You can even keep up with shows that are only airing in the UK, like "Misfits."

dawsons-creek-poster.jpgA giant "Dawson's Creek" poster: If there's anything we've learned from the nation's renewed "Boy Meets World" obsession, it's that it's not too early for '90s nostalgia. "Dawson's Creek" has been over for almost 10 years -- it's officially retro enough to be cool again. At least, that's what we swore to our roommates when we hung this enormous promotional poster in our front hallway.

adult-footie-pajamas.jpg Giant baby clothes: When we're in the middle of an epic marathon re-watch of "Veronica Mars," the last thing we want to be bothered with is clothing. Chuck Bass made the adult onesie cool again -- or at least, he tried -- and with this, we don't ever have to worry about pants. We can just focus on pretending we don't already know who killed Lilly Kane.

kitten-picture.jpg A kitten: This is the perfect gift for your TV lover friend. It says, "I care about you, even though you missed my birthday to stay home and tweet about 'Psych.' Here is a cat, so at least you won't die alone."