'Girls' renewed for Season 3, Lena Dunham says

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girls-season-3-renewal.jpgThere's no official word from HBO yet, but "Girls" creator/star Lena Dunham says her show will be back for a third season.

"We're starting [Season 3] at the end of March. I'm so excited," Dunham tells Alec Baldwin on his "Here's the Thing" podcast.

Season 2 of "Girls" premiered Jan. 13 (the same night it won a Golden Globe for best comedy series). Its ratings aren't big -- the season premiere brought in 1.6 million viewers over three airings -- but its outsize buzz and awards potential (it won an Emmy and scored four other nominations last year) make it a no-brainer for another season.

Dunham also tells Baldwin -- who suggests he play Hannah's therapist in Season 3 -- that "Girls" may do a couple more episodes next year.

"We've been doing 10," she says. "I think between you, me and McGee, I think we might do 12 next year. I would love that. ... I don't have any desire in doing like, you know, a 22-episode -- I don't even understand how someone does the 22-episode marathon. But I do think ... that a little more would be just a little more storytelling real estate and it would be amazing."

Season 2 of "Girls" continues at 9 p.m. ET Sunday on HBO.
Photo/Video credit: HBO