'Glee': Are Rachel and Santana 'Frenemies' or is their friendship over?

glee-frenemies-season-5-episode-9-lea-michele-naya-rivera.jpgJealousy was in the air during an all-new episode of "Glee" -- and it wasn't a good look for McKinley High's finest. "Frenemies" pitted six Gleeks against one another: Artie and Tina were competing for valedictorian, Kurt was jealous of Starchild (guest star Adam Lambert) for attempting to take over his band and Rachel was mad that Santana decided to audition to be her understudy on Broadway.

Artie vs. Tina
The former couple found out that they were tied in every way in their class rankings: Same GPA, same extracurriculars. Principal Sue told them they'd have to deliver their speeches to a panel that would decide who'd become valedictorian. After they clashed while singing the En Vogue song "My Lovin'" (which was awesome, BTW, until Tina accidentally pushed Artie out of his wheelchair), both of them decided to concede to the other in their speeches.

That didn't really have the desired outcome, either, because now No. 2 ranked Blaine will deliver the address. But as a peacekeeping gesture, Blaine decided he wanted to sing a song instead of deliver the valedictorian address, and he wanted Artie and Tina to help him. Then they all sang on the McKinley High stage and all lived happily ever after.

Kurt vs. Starchild
This feud was totally in Kurt's mind. He thought Starchild (Lambert) was trying to take over his band, but any impartial third party could see that he was just being a normal human. At Blaine's advice, Kurt decided to keep his enemy close, but once Starchild called him out on it, he realized that he was being silly and they could be actual friends instead. Unfortunately, Kurt forgot to relay that message to his fiance before he and Starchild posted a very close selfie online.

Rachel vs. Santana
This is the saddest feud of them all, because Rachel and Santana's unlikely friendship has become a highlight of the show. Santana tried out to be Rachel's understudy in "Funny Girl," and Rachel was NOT happy. Later, after Santana nailed her audition, the two went off on each other and Rachel slapped her frenemy in the face, telling her to move out.

Santana got the part, and Peter Facinelli explained that they needed to stop fighting because the story of the show would be more appealing if they were BFFs. Their work peace didn't make it home, however, where Rachel and Santana enlisted Kurt to decide who would move out. He refused to side with either of them, so Rachel decided to leave. She told Santana that they'd both been pretending to be friends with each other but it would never be real.

Big bummer. At least two-thirds of the stories had happy endings, but this Rachel-Santana thing seems like it's going to play out over the next few episodes. Just a thought: Rachel is most definitely still grieving the loss of the love of her life. Won't a true heart-to-heart be able to fix this mess, despite the incredibly hurtful things said by either party?

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