'Glee' does the right thing: Chord Overstreet's big return

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chord-overstreet-return-gle.jpgAfter all of our tears and anguish and garment-rending over Chord Overstreet's abrupt exit from "Glee"... he's back, and we feel kind of silly about those death threats we sent to the executive producers. Sorry about that, guys.

Yes, Sam Evans makes his triumphant return to "Glee" in this week's episode. Now that Rachel (Lea Michele) has been suspended for being a sneaky cheater, New Directions needs Sam's dulcet tones to help them win at Sectionals, so they find him. Where he's working. In a strip club.

His heart isn't really in New Directions, though -- at least, not since Mercedes joined rival glee club The Troubletones. "When he comes back he tries to pick everything back up with Mercedes, and she's not really interested. He's trying to figure out where he fits in back in this school that he has been away from for the last few months," Overstreet tells our friends at E!.

For the record, his methods for winning her over would totally work on us: "[He] Takes his shirt off, maybe tries to win her over with his boyish charm," Overstreet says. "He's just exploring and trying a bunch of things. He's trying to get on a school team so he has a little bit more popularity, I guess. The popularity thing is a route that he is trying to explore to see if that helps, but she's not interested in him because she's got that big bad boyfriend."

We can't lie; we were sort of hoping he'd be focused on saving Quinn from her super-annoying downward spiral, or maybe even on complicating things for Kurt and Blaine. (Ahem.) Overstreet says the Quinn thing is a no-go right now. "She may be a little too crazy for Sam right now, I don't know. If she gets her stuff together maybe, but we'll see."

We'll also be introduced to his family. Sam's mother is played by "Guiding Light's" Tayna Clark, and his father by "Smallville's" John Schneider. "You get to meet his family and stuff, which is cool. It kind of goes into a little bit of an explanation of what he's been going through--he's been kind of having a hard time," Overstreet says.

Photo/Video credit: FOX