'Glee': Erinn Westbrook talks mean girl Bree, the new Santana

"Glee" has a new "mean girl" ready to fill the former shoes of Quinn and Santana. That would be Bree, played by Erinn Westbrook. The new Cheerios captain already has an epic slushie incident under her belt, and more evil is planned for the coming episodes.

But who is the Bree and what can we expect from her? Check out this interview with Westbrook to find out.

Who, in your opinion, is Bree?

Erinn Westbrook: I would say that she is the new mean girl -- that's what everyone's been describing her as. She's feisty and manipulative and is stirring up some drama in Lima.

Honestly, it's going to be interesting to see how mean they keep her. The fans are very much anticipating that she's going to be redeemed at some point this season, as most of the others -- actually all of the other mean girls -- have been. There always is like some sort of transformation or turning point where we see them as nice people.

I think that behind every mean girl is probably -- or at the core of every mean girl -- is a nice person. I hope that Bree is masking this kindness behind the mean girl image. And I hope that we get to see her nice side at some point. I do hope that she follows in the trajectory of the other mean girls and becomes nice at some point.

She's captain of the Cheerios now. That was revealed in episode 2. And we know that Principal Sylvester is making sure that Bree is sort of her comrade and partner-in-crime at bringing down the glee club. So while I hope that Bree is kind at some point, I don't necessarily expect that she will be any time soon, because she still has a lot of dirty work to do this season.

How did you get the part?

Erinn Westbrook: I began auditioning for this at the beginning of July. It was a long process, and I had several auditions. You just sort of go through it all. In the beginning, there were hundreds of girls who want this part, who wanted the part on both coasts. And so it seemed relatively daunting initially ... And lucky for me, at the end of the day I was kind of the last girl standing. So I felt like it was a months-long process that included singing, dancing, acting, and the day that I find out I got the part was the day of the final audition. It was me and another girl. We auditioned in the morning, and then in the evening, I found out that I was the girl they chose. And the next day, I was on set.

I didn't have much time! It was a very drawn-out audition process, but when they decided that I was the girl, it was quick. So I was on the set the next day doing fittings and working. I was literally working the day I found out I got the part. I mean, what a whirlwind! It was exciting. I still feel like it's surreal.

Can we expect some singing from Bree in the upcoming episodes?

Erinn Westbrook: I think fans are very excited about the possibility that Bree will get to sing and dance. And I think fans can anticipate that. I think that that's something -- I mean, it's "Glee"! In terms of the audition process, clearly they wanted to make sure that I could do all three. So fans and the audience can really look forward to seeing what Bree can do in that realm, so that's something that's coming up.

People went pretty wild after Bree's huge monologue in episode 2 and her little antics at the prom and her "Carrie"ing of Tina. I think that if they were shocked by that, then there are some big surprises ahead. She's gonna continue to be mean. She's gonna continue to, like I said, stir some things up. I think that people will continue to love to hate Bree, because she's definitely the drama-causer.

What is it like, being on "Glee" now?

Erinn Westbrook: It really is a dream job ... As the new girl on the cast, I feel like everyone's watching. [But] I can't say that there are many negatives about this experience.

Which "Glee" character do you think you were the most like in high school?

Erinn Westbrook: Oh man, back in high school ... Hmmm ... I would say maybe ... maybe Marley? Although I was varsity cheerleading captain, so in that regard I'm similar to Bree. But I hope that's the only thing I have in common with Bree!

But Marley is just so sweet and innocent and just nice, and that is how I hope I came across in high school! I always tried to be really nice and I liked having a lot of friends. A lot of my friends from high school, they think it's funny that I'm playing this mean girl.

When you're alone and singing, what do you like?

Erinn Westbrook: I'm a top 40 hits type of girl. I would say that I'm a pretty big fan of ... I actually really like Miley Cyrus. So I would say that some of her party jams, you would catch me singing most recently -- alone, in my room. I'll sing that by myself, but I'll also sing in front of my roommate and my friends.

"Glee" airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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