'Glee' first look: Dot Jones, Cory Monteith new pics for 'Grilled Cheesus'

We're relieved that "Glee" has finally premiered because that means we have a whole season in front of us.

Case in point is "Grilled Cheesus," the third episode back, airing Tuesday, Oct. 5. We've got your first look photos, and it looks to be promising. We were wondering if this is the religion episode creator Ryan Murphy had discussed, in which he says we'll hear "Losing My Religion" and "Papa Can You Hear Me?"

Spoilers! Keep in mind that this is after the "Britney/Brittany" episode, so certain visual cues will give away plot points. You've been warned.

First up is Coach Bieste (Dot Jones, watch our interview with her) with the football team on the sidelines. Wonder what they're looking at? Perhaps it's Finn ( Cory Monteith) and Sam (Chord Overstreet, read our interview) playing. We also notice that Artie ( Kevin McHale) is in uniform, so perhaps the Bieste reconsidered letting him on the team.

glee-s2e3-01-500.jpgHere, Finn  is praying to a sandwich. We're assuming from the episode title that this grilled cheese sandwich as an image of Jesus on it.

glee-s2e3-02-500.jpgSue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch) is up to no good.

glee-s2e3-04-500.jpgIs she perhaps scaring Emma ( Jayma Mays)? What could she be questioning her about?

glee-s2e3-03-350.jpgSue's in fine form this episode because now she's cornering Kurt ( Chris Colfer). Hmm, she must really want to convince him of something since she's on the other side of her desk. Kurt is having a crisis this episode that leads to a discussion of theology ... we're hoping said discussion is with Sue, but we can't be sure. 

glee-s2e3-05-500.jpg[ UPDATE: A previous version of this story incorrectly identified the episode as "Personal Cheesus," which really would have been cool for the Depeche Mode community. Sorry, DM, fans. No "Glee" for you.]

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Photo credits: FOX