'Glee' holds its own Lilith Fair -- what did you think?

glee-307-4.jpgWhile the pro-self-acceptance message is welcome, we were a little torn on Tuesday night's (Nov. 29) episode of "Glee," "I Kissed a Girl."

Sure, the support and lady-themed songs for Santana were nice, but should a group of friends really bully one of their buddies to come out of the closet? Obviously the campaign ad put a deadline on things, but it's still a deeply personal issue that friends really shouldn't have a say in. Plus, it's just weird that Mr. Schue and Shelby would allow a public "come out already" intervention for Santana. A teenage girl's sexuality is not really something teachers should have anything to do with, either, even with the best of intentions in mind. There's a difference between giving support and forcing someone to do something they're not ready for.

Still, Puck's song and speech were truly touching.

Santana's grandmother disowning her was also upsetting, and not just because it's an incredibly sad thing. We also got no back story about why her grandmother wouldn't accept her, especially after her parents were so open-minded. It seemingly came out of nowhere, as if the writers were like "well, coming out can't be this easy, so let's throw this curveball at her." Plus, that speech was WAY too eloquent and she was way too calm when delivering it. If telling her abuelita was really that important too her, Santana would've been a lot more nervous.

As for the episode's other big storyline -- Rachel stuffing the ballot box in favor of Kurt -- it was also frustrating. At first we thought Kurt might go through with it, which would be ultimately very out of character for him. It's slightly more believable that Rachel would do so because she's very competitive and dead-set on doing what she thinks is right, but the whole thing was a little unsettling. Rachel is also very moral, and sabotage isn't really in her nature. However, Rachel out of the competition at Sectionals should make things very interesting.

Side note: Love that sometimes-"Glee" director Eric Stoltz was included in Sue's little black booty call book alongside Matt Lauer and Johnnie Cochran. Cute.

So, what did you think of "I Kissed a Girl?"
Photo/Video credit: FOX