'Glee': Idina Menzel returns as Shelby, what did you think?

idina-menzel-glee-s1.jpgWe have to admit -- despite being huge fans of Idina Menzel, we were skeptical when her extended "Glee" arc was announced this season, particularly after Ryan Murphy insisted that he was nixing the stunt guest star appearances.

But after seeing her first appearance in the Tuesday, Sept 27 episode, we're once again sold on Shelby Corcoran. Menzel fits seamlessly into the "Glee" universe and serves to enhance the stories of the regular cast, rather than hog screen time from them.

Shelby is once again a foil to Will ( Matthew Morrison), as she's been hired to lead a competing show choir group at McKinley High. These two are worthy adversaries, and we're looking forward to seeing how Shelby fits into the teacher's lounge lunch group. We can't wait to see her go toe-to-toe with Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch) in particular.

As Rachel's birth mother, Shelby also shares a bittersweet story with Lea Michele's character. We're not sure where this one is going -- we're sort of hoping it leads to meeting Rachel's dads -- but we do love any opportunity to see Michele and Menzel perform together. This week, they sang "Somewhere There's A Place For Us," a particularly emotional choice given the current nature of their relationship.

The most important Shelby storyline, however, involves Quinn ( Dianna Agron) and Puck ( Mark Salling). Of course, Shelby adopted their biological daughter, Beth, at the end of Season 1. Now that she's back in Ohio, she invites Quinn and Puck to be a part of Beth's life on the condition that Quinn, who now smokes like a chimney and happily refers to herself as a skank, cleans up her act. After a little bit of a wake-up call from Will, Quinn washes the Manic Panic out of her hair and shows up to glee rehearsal looking as prim as ever.

It's only once she's been welcomed back into the group that her intention is revealed: She's going to fake the good-girl act long enough to, she hopes, regain full custody of Beth.

Good luck with that.

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Photo/Video credit: FOX