'Glee' introducing Christian character for Season 2

dianna-agron-glee-320.jpgIn his open letter calling for the boycott of "Newsweek" after a seemingly homophobic article was published, " Glee" executive producer Ryan Murphy writes that the "Glee" writers "take care to do a show about inclusiveness."

Murphy is keeping his word and Zap2it confirms that he plans to introduce another Christian character to the show next season.

"Glee" certainly hasn't pulled any punches when it comes to conservatives. Quinn's Christian parents throw her out after Finn announces that she's pregnant and the school's Celibacy Club is full of hypocrites.

While "Glee's" agenda has certainly leaned toward the liberal side up to this point, the new character - who will be a female student - isn't expected to be a punching bag. She'll be strictly devoted, and we're interested to find out whether she'll be respected or ridiculed for her religious leanings. She has yet to be cast.

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Photo credit: FOX