'Glee': Is Grant Gustin a bully in real life too? (Short answer: No)

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grant-gustin-fight-freeby.jpgOn screen, Grant Gustin plays "Glee's" latest villain, the evil Warbler Sebastian. Off screen, we were under the impression that he was actually quite a nice, polite guy. But Zap2it has uncovered evidence that perhaps Gustin is a little more violent than we would've expected. Don't let the sweet face fool you -- he's got a little fighter next to the lover in him.

In outtakes from Gustin's gorgeous photo shoot for Glamoholic magzine, the actor challenges his photographer to a fist fight. Come on Grant, you don't threaten the guy who's job it is to make you look good!

Photographer Michael Freeby tells us, "He was super fun! Possibly the only time I've described someone who's challenged me to a fist fight as super fun."

(Yes, we're aware the whole thing was a joke. A cute joke, since we know from speaking to him ourselves that Gustin is, in fact, a pretty nice dude.)

"Glee" returns to FOX on Tuesday, April 10.


Photo/Video credit: Michael Freeby Photography