'Glee': Kurt gets his 'Single Ladies' on

chriscolfer_glee_290.jpg"Glee" was high on drama and low on music tonight, but I suppose it can't all be fluff and frivolity. However, I would like the lead female characters to step it up a bit. You can't ALL be unlikeable, ladies! (Except for you, Emma. You're darling.)

The football team gets in touch with its inner Beyonce: In order to hide his extreme flaminess from his dad, Kurt is forced into joining the football team as kicker. Apparently, dancing to "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" gives him magical kicking powers. Whatever, it's adorable and Kurt makes a mahvelous Beyonce, even though he's lacking in the robot arm department. And "Single Ladies" tributes are SO not over. Kanye told me so!

The football team isn't big on the whole winning thing, so Finn suggests that Will teach them to dance in an attempt to loosen them up. Um, okay. And yes, after some resistance, the team realizes that they can't possibly win without doing a choreographed dance to "Single Ladies" on the field. It's...surreal. Surreal and fabulous. And do they get laughed off the field or penalized for delay of game? No. The crowd starts dancing a little, they score a touchdown, and then Kurt scores the winning field goal. And that's why this show makes my heart happy.

After the game, Kurt comes out to his dad, who says he's known Kurt was gay since he was three and wanted a pair of sensible heels for his birthday. And that he loves Kurt just as much as if he were straight. See? Happy heart!

Be my, be my baby: Quinn, it seems, is pregnant. With what she claims is Finn's baby. Because apparently, sperm can swim in a hot tub (no, not really). She neglects to mention to Finn that she slept with Puck a few weeks back, which is probably the more likely explanation for her condition. She's keeping the baby and Puck wants to be involved, but Quinn calls him a loser and sticks with Finn. Um, Quinn, Finn is probably going to notice when your baby is born with a teeny tiny mohawk. (Oh, man. How cute would that be?!)

diannaagron_glee_290.jpgIn the meantime, Terri shares her hysterical pregnancy situation with her sister Kendra, who determines that they have to get Terri a baby. When Terri hears about Quinn's dilemma, she sees an opportunity to get to know Quinn a little better. I'm pretty interested to see how this is going to play out - it would be quite a feat to hide one pregnancy and birth, and fake another. But maybe they could distract skeptics by breaking into song every time they're questioned. That would probably work on this show.

The World vs. Glee Club: Sue has scored a segment on the local news, but to keep it, she needs to get the Cheerios to Nationals - a difficult proposition if they continue to defect to glee club. She pays Sandy, his creepy doll collection, and his inappropriate kimono a visit to offer him the school's Arts Administrator position, blackmailing the principal into making it happen. Their first act: to steal Rachel with a well-timed school production of "Caberet."

Rachel is theirs for the taking after Will gives Tina a solo from "West Side Story," even though Rachel is a better singer (which she is). Will is trying to boost Tina's confidence, so he won't let Rachel take the solo even when Tina offers to take one for the team and give it up. While I understand the strategy of wanting everyone to reach their potential, rather than letting Rachel carry the group, it seems like he could have given Tina a different song, no? Because now they're down one star performer.

Odds and Ends:

  • During that small scene at the lunch table, it seemed like Ken really "got" Emma. I like that he's not just some jerk we can root against with ease.
  • God, I hope "Sue's Corner" makes another appearance. "Yes. We. Cane." Amazing.
  • Seriously though, not too much music tonight at all. Those big numbers must be expensive to produce, and I understand why they frontloaded the season with them, but I'm still a bit bummed we didn't even get one full song.


Favorite Quotes:

  • "Giving birth is not like how it is in the movies. It is bloody, and bestial. And you get poop all over your cowboy boots." -Kendra
  • "Dishonesty is food to a marriage. It will die without it." -Kendra
  • "My body is like a rum chocolate soufflé. If I don't warm it up right, it doesn't rise." -Kurt



  • "Taking Chances" -Celine Dion, performed by Rachel in the "Cabaret" audition
  • "Tonight" -"West Side Story," performed by Tina during rehearsal


We're a few episodes in now, so what say you? Will you stick it out for the season? Do you miss the songs, or do you prefer plot and dialogue to music videos?