'Glee': Madonna brings sexual confidence and a message of female empowerment

glee-cast-320.jpgJust finished screening "Glee's" Madonna tribute episode and I must express what a ray of light it brought to my day. I'm sure I don't have to justify my love for it to you -- I know your hearts are open to it, as the series is enjoying a great vogue right now -- but give me 3 or 4 minutes to explain why its borderline genius.

The writers have taken what is iconic about the star -- her sexual confidence and message of female empowerment -- and woven it into a storyline. 

The virginity of three different characters -- one of them, pretty much frozen to the touch of a man -- is at the center of the hour's drama, and how each deals with their situation communicates a level of strength.

Plus, treating women with respect and what it feels like to be a girl is addressed. 

Other bonuses?

Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch) does a solidly entertaining cone-era Madge impression, Mercedes ( Amber Riley) and Kurt ( Chris Colfer) team up (platonically, of course) and that extra special Artie-Tina ( Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz) moment we've been waiting for just might go down.  

Say, like, a little prayer and surely it'll happen...

Excited for "Glee"'s second spring episode? 

What about its first, for that matter?

"Glee" returns with all-new episodes April 13th on FOX