'Glee' mashup mania: Listen to 'Mash-Off' songs here

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glee-300-mercedes.jpgIt's that time again, Gleeks!

In advance of Tuesday's (Nov. 15) episode of "Glee," Fox has posted the tunes from the episode on the official Glee the Music page. In "Mash-Off," the McKinley high gang tackles that fun but not-always-successful musical topic of mashups.

This time, it appears the New Directions are facing off against their new in-school rivals, the Troubletones. The mashups mostly tackle one artist -- the first features both glee clubs taking on Pat Benatar with "Hit Me With Your Best Shot"/"One Way or Another," while the second sees New Directions put their goody-goody spin on Hall & Oates' "I Can't Go for That"/"You Make My Dreams Come True."

We've already talked about how flawless the Troubletones' Adele mashup of "Rumor Has It" and "Someone Like You" is, but you should probably watch it again just so you know for sure

Shelby and Mr. Schue duet on dueling "You & I" songs, with Shelby getting her Lady Gaga on and Schue channeling '80s-era Eddie Rabbitt.

Lastly, "Glee" goes the most metal it's ever gone with Puck's rendition of "Hot for Teacher," which is presumably about Shelby. (Duh.)

Listen to the tracks below. 

Photo/Video credit: FOX