'Glee' Michael Jackson episode preview: Grant Gustin on honoring the King of Pop and breaking up Klaine

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glee-mj-311-9.jpg Grant Gustin would be the first to admit that his character on "Glee" is up to no good.

The actor plays new HWIC (head Warbler in charge) Sebastian, the star of Dalton's glee club currently doing his best to drive a wedge between our favorite "Glee" couple, Kurt and Blaine (or Klaine, if you will). Gustin says that Sebastian's scheming will certainly continue in tonight's (Jan. 31) big Michael Jackson tribute episode.

"He is up to his nose in scheming, for sure," the actor tells Zap2it. "The whole charming flirtatious thing is still there, but there's a different energy with it. It's less flirtatious and more -- for lack of a better word, he's more of a douchebag in this episode."

From the songs and videos FOX has leaked of the hourlong episode, we know that Sebastian will come head to head with New Directions' HCIC (head Cheerio in charge) Santana, and words will be had. "Santana is upset at Sebastian for, like I said, something douchey he did, and she comes to give him a piece of her mind," Gustin explains. "That's when 'Smooth Criminal' takes place."

The episode is filled with fun performance moments for Gustin, who takes the lead on the Jackson 5 number "I Want You Back."

"It was a dream," he says. "It was amazing. It's one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid. My mom freaked out when I told her I was doing that. The fact that I got to do that just blew my mind. I couldn't believe I was so lucky to get to do that song, and then I got to do 'Smooth Criminal' with Naya [Rivera, who plays Santana]. That was probably my favorite day of filming thus far. Me and Naya had a blast doing that."

Unfortunately, the "I Want You Back" performance didn't make the episode's final cut (it's hard to squeeze 10 MJ hits into just 44 minutes of screentime!), but you'll still get to see Gustin bust a move in the episode anyway.

"In 'Bad,' in the parking garage, we definitely do some Warbler dancing. It's not necessarily Michael Jackson choreography. It's not like the Britney Spears episode where it's like 'Oh my god, they're recreating the music videos.' Zach [Woodlee], our choreographer, kind of did his own thing with it. It's really fun and exciting, but it's not stolen Michael Jackson moves."

Gustin is no stranger to Michael Jackson moves, though -- as a kid he would watch the DVD of Michael Jackson's number one videos and do his best MJ. "I watched that thing religiously when I was younger. I definitely have had my fair share of trying to dance like Michael," he says.

Sebastian has taken over Blaine's position as star Warbler, and also set his sights on dating his hottie of a predecessor. But in the MJ episode, Gustin says Sebastian is more invested in the Warblers' performance at Regionals than in breaking up Klaine.

"Sebastian's main concern in this episode is more Regionals over Blaine," Gustin says. "I think it's so far been what he's cared about more anyway. I think he cares more about being the leader of the Warblers, and the Warblers winning Regionals, and him being respected the way Blaine was respected at Dalton. There's less Sebastian-Blaine interaction in this episode for sure."

The future, though -- that's another story. Though Gustin says he's unsure about Sebastian's role as a romantic threat to Klaine, he'll be sticking around. "I know that Sebastian is coming back and it is in a pretty big way, but I don't really know what is going to happen romantically. I don't know where any of that is going. Just like everybody else, I am waiting on the edge of my seat to find out."

When he does come back, though, Gustin says he hopes we'll see another, kinder side of Sebastian. "I'm sure there has to be a soft side to him, it's just a matter of when it's going to come out, I guess," says Gustin, who is rumored to be signing a contract to come back as a series regular in Season 4. "I don't doubt that it will eventually come out -- if the character sticks around that is."
Photo/Video credit: FOX