'Glee' mini-Gleeks peek: Mr. Schue's hallucination

We thought we knew about the "Glee" Tuesday (Nov. 16) episode "The Substitute," but now we're not so sure.

In the episode, Gwyneth Paltrow comes in as substitute teacher Holly Holiday and by now we know she'll be singing a mashup of "Singin' in the Rain" and "Umbrella" (ella, ella).

The evidence:

glee-gwyneth-paltrow-umbrella-500.jpgBut what's going on with this picture?

glee-hallucination-500.jpgFOX provides the helpful caption: "In a hallucination, Will sees the members of the glee club as children." Oh, Mr. Schue, is this what drives you out temporarily so that Holly can come in?

We're loving the mini-Gleeks, and in case you can't figure out who's who, here are the grown versions:

glee-207-new-directions-500.jpgUm, wait. Where's Quinn?

"Glee" airs at 8 p.m. ET, Tuesdays on FOX.

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Photo credit: FOX