'Glee' photos: 'The Men of McKinley High' calendar and more reasons to get 'Naked'

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f there's one thing that a teen show needs, it's gratuitous nakedness. "Glee" recognizes this and thus presents us with an episode called, "Naked."

Of course, there are more ways to get naked than just taking off a shirt. This being the kind of show that it is, we can probably expect some emotional nakedness too. But emotions don't photo well, so we might as well enjoy "The Men of McKinley High" in their photo shoot.

Two of these calendar photos -- meant to raise money for (SPOILER ALERT) Regionals -- have already been released. Ryder ( Blake Jenner) and Blaine ( Darren Criss) appeared in them as Mr. July and Mr. December, respectively. What about the other boys? Surely they will give us some eye candy too!

Judging from the photos released for "Naked," they will indeed.

glee-412-naked-2-ryder-jake-fox.jpgSome of the boys -- like Ryder, Blaine, Sam ( Chord Overstreet) and Jake ( Jacob Artist) may have to come to terms with their own hotness before participating in the calendar.

glee-412-naked-3-sam-blaine-fox.jpgBut soon the shoot is underway.

glee-412-naked-5-ryder-blake-jenner-july-fox.jpgMr. July

glee-412-naked-6-sam-chord-overstreet-august-fox.jpgMr. August?

glee-412-naked-7-joe-samuel-larsen-bunny-april-easter-fox.jpgAnd poor Joe ( Samuel Larsen) as a bunny rabbit, presumable for April and Easter.

glee-412-naked-8-rachel-lea-michele-fox.jpgMeanwhile in New York, Rachel ( Lea Michele) is grappling with another issue involving nakedness. She is cast in a student film, but the part may require her to reveal a little more than she wants.

glee-412-naked-9-rachel-kurt-lea-michele-chris-colfer-fox.jpgWill Rachel go through with it? Or will she just play board games with Kurt (Chris Colfer)?

"Naked" airs on Thursday, Jan. 13 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX