'Glee' preview: Homecomings and sectionals mark 'Thanksgiving'

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glee-thanksgiving-1-dianna-agron-mark-saling-jacob-artist-fox.jpgNext week, "Glee" will air its "Thanksgiving" episode. Now, you might think that just because the show actually aired an episode on Thanksgiving, that that was it. Nope. The episode that aired on Turkey Day was not, in fact, meant to commemorate the holiday. The real "Thanksgiving" is coming a week late to "Glee."

Confused? That's fair. Probably, we should just blame the vagaries of network scheduling and move on.

What will fans see in the "Thanksgiving" episode airing on Thursday, Nov. 29? The main events of the episode center around a whole bunch of McKinley High alumni coming back to visit while the current batch of New Directions singers gear up for Sectionals.

The alums who are coming back include Quinn ( Dianna Agron), Santana ( Naya Rivera), Puck ( Mark Salling), Mike ( Harry Shum Jr.) and Mercedes ( Amber Riley).

Of course, Finn ( Cory Monteith) is already at McKinley pretending to be Will, so he's there too. The graduates will be on hand to give advice to the youngsters. Also, they will sing.

Quinn, Finn, and Puck don't make a very likely folk trio. But that's pretty much what this looks like. It seems much more likely that former Cheerios like Quinn and Santana would vamp-out with Brittany ( Heather Morris).

The current McKinley students are around too, of course. We will see Marley ( Melissa Benoist) be sad.

Jake ( Jacob Artist) and Ryder ( Blake Jenner) will keep up their newfound friendship.

And Quinn will give advice to her younger clone, Kitty ( Becca Tobin).

But all of this is but a prequel to the main event -- Sectionals. The kids of New Directions will have to face the evil boys of the Dalton Academy Warblers if they want to advance.

Since it's so early in the season, we can expect some success here.

Meanwhile, back in New York, at least two alums -- Kurt ( Chris Colfer) and Rachel ( Lea Michele) will spend their first Thanksgivings away from home. The kids at least have each other for company.

Kurt also has his new mentor, Isabelle (guest star Sarah Jessica Parker), available for some Thanksgiving cheer.

Will New Directions win sectionals? Why didn't Kurt and Rachel go home when it was obviously what everyone else was doing? Will a Thanksgiving episode make sense a week late?

Photo/Video credit: FOX