'Glee Project' recap: Clean up in aisle attention whore

glee-project-season-2.jpgI'll be honest, I feel a little relieved that Charlie is gone now. He was certainly talented, but his presence on the show made me nervous. He was to the show like a friend's little brother who their parents made your friend take along on whatever you were doing, but you knew that he would end up getting hurt and making way too big a deal about it.

"Are you OK?" "NO-uhh!" You know, that kid.

Now we can focus on the eight remaining contestants who aren't Charlie. Are they even worth getting to know? Shanna might be. Michael and Blake worry that they might be too similar, and equally unworthy of our time.

"I think we're really similar, but also we're really different," Blake notes. These waters run deep. Their intelligence is the common thread that ties these two attractive men, and makes them two parallel rivers, both similar but yes, at times, different. A regular Buddhist parable, these two.

"I would gnaw off my own left foot to win this competition," Michael ponders.

Robert strolls into the room, which is now less agitated without the presence of Charlie, and announces that the theme is theatricality. This causes Lily to slam a throw pillow onto the floor with excitement. They are doing a good job being theatrical about how excited they are for the theme, you see. Just give these kids a job already, Robert, they are totally ready.

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