'Glee': Prom changes everything for Finn, Kurt, Karofsky and Santana

kurt-promqueen-320.jpgProm. A rite of passage for most teens. A night when everything can change -- as it did for Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" or when, as happened for poor Sissy Spacek in the "Carrie," things can go horribly awry. At McKinley High's junior prom -- which, by the way, was strangely devoid of Mr. Schue ( Matthew Morrison) and Emma Pillsbury ( Jayma Mays) -- more than one character experienced an almost seismic shift.

Four of the biggest:

Finn: Unless the writers threw us a massive red herring, Finn's ( Cory Monteith) feelings for Rachel ( Lea Michele) are stronger than ever. Strong enough to inspire violence in two people: Finn himself lunged at Jesse St. James ( Jonathan Groff) for not "keeping it PG" with Rachel. Then, in a total prime-time soap move, Quinn ( Dianna Agron) totally b****-slapped Rachel for -- well, basically for existing.

Kurt: The kilt-wearing emotional center of the show learned something important at prom. Or thought he did and, instead, learned something completely different. What he thought he learned: That McKinley High's student body wasn't ready to accept him for who he is, a gay man. What he really learned: That McKinley High was totally ready to accept him for who he is, Kurt Hummel ( Chris Colfer), the kind of guy who can inspire a room to burst into laughter and applause by delivering the line: "Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton."

Santana: Santana ( Naya Rivera) has had this realization once or twice before, but it was especially underscored when she didn't win the prom queen's crown: The girl just wants to be loved. Even if, as she says, she hates everyone else.

Dave Karofsky: Okay, well, maybe Karofsky's ( Max Adler) change didn't exactly come at the prom and he didn't totally do a complete 180, but the guy did surprise Kurt (and us) with a genuine apology for having, you know, hate-crimed him for the past year.

Photo/Video credit: FOX