'Glee': 'Rumours' leaves Mr. Schuester, Finn, Santana conflicted

glee-april-shue-rumours.jpg"We're done with the backstabbing and the gossip and channeling all that energy into working together."

So said Mr. Schue ( Matthew Morrison) at the beginning of Tuesday's (May 3) "Glee" -- the aptly named "Rumours." Aside from totally rocking the classic Fleetwood Mac album, the theme of the night was more trust than rumors. Gossip was really just a gateway drug -- the real conflicts arose when characters who should trust each other were manipulated into doubt.

Below a quick run-down of this week's trust issues.

Mr. Schuester vs. Sue Sylvester/Teri Schuester/April Rhodes: April Rhodes ( Kristin Chenoweth) blew back into town to get Will's help with her one-woman Broadway show. But, thanks to a little behind-the-scenes plotting with Teri ( Jessalyn Gilsig) and Sue ( Jane Lynch, who totally rocked a David Bowie disguise), April had Mr. Schue doubting his commitment to "New Directions" and even to his newly-rekindled feelings for Emma Pillsbury ( Jayma Mays). It isn't much of a spoiler to say the book isn't closed on whether or not Mr. Schuester will drop New Directions for April's show -- but hey, maybe he doesn't have to choose. Nationals are in New York and guess what's right there? Broadway.

Finn vs. his feelings for Quinn and Rachel: Finn ( Cory Monteith) has kind of settled into confirmed wishy-washiness. For him, gossip was yet another reason to question his true feelings for Quinn and entertain the idea of getting back together with Rachel ( Lea Michele). Quinn left Finn with an ultimatum: "Finn, if you want to be with me, no more songs with [Rachel]." And, really, it's time for him to choose.

Santana vs. Brittany: Brittany ( Heather Morris) may be as dumb as a rock (more on that later), but at least she's honest about her feelings for Santana ( Naya Rivera) and ready to take things to the next level -- even if that means hurting Artie. Sure, she may have believed Santana's explanation of their relationship: "Just friends talking with their tongues super-close." But Santana needs to decide what's more important to her: Winning the game or winning Brittany.
Photo/Video credit: Fox