'Glee' Season 2 hookups promo: Tina and Mike?!

We are freaking out about this particular "Glee" Season 2 promo.

It teases the various pairings we'll be seeing. The whole Rachel+Finn+Quinn+Puck quadrangle, Mr. Schue and Emma, etc. Those aren't all that surprising.

But get ready to click pause because did you see Tina ( Jenna Ushkowitz) and "Other Asian" Mike Chang around the :02 second mark? And he exposes his bare chest too. Ah, the things we didn't know about Harry Shum, Jr.

It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but if you freeze frame, you can see what looks to be some sort of typical Asian backdrop complete with Asian-y character writing (we'd wager it's Chinese) and those ubiquitous lucky/beckoning/welcome cats. Are they in a restaurant? Is this a dream sequence? What about Artie ( Kevin McHale)?

Sept. 21 can't come quick enough. Here's the "Glee/Empire State of Mind" promo in case you missed it.