'Glee' Season 4 finale: Photos and a video featuring 'American Idol' alum Jessica Sanchez

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This Thursday's "Glee" marks the Season 4 finale, "All or Nothing." While Rachel goes to her "Funny Girl" callbacks, the kids of New Directions finally get to Regionals.

What happens next? New photos from the finale, as well as a video featuring "American Idol" singer Jessica Sanchez, give us a clue.

While most of the episode's action will necessarily be at the Regionals competition, Rachel ( Lea Michele) has to face her big audition alone.

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-1-rachel-lea-michele.jpgThere are more issues than just singing, of course. Marley ( Melissa Benoist) has to console Unique ( Alex Newell) as well. Could this be a possible solution to the whole catfishing plot?

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-2-marley-unique-melissa-benoist-alex-newell.jpgOh, and there's also the little matter of Blaine ( Darren Criss) wanting to propose to Kurt ( Chris Colfer). Strangely, it's Sam ( Chord Overstreet) who goes to help shop for the ring.

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-3-sam-blaine-patty-duke.jpgGuest star Patty Duke offers advice on rings and more.

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-4-blaine-darren-criss-patty-duke-ring.jpgHer character is in a long-term, committed relationship with one played by Meredith Baxter.

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-5-meredith-baxter-patty-duke.jpgTalk about a good example for Blaine and Kurt!

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-6-patty-duke-meredith-baxter.jpgBut will they be inspired or is it still too soon for the boys?

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-7-blaine-kurt-darren-criss-chris-colfer.jpgWhen Regionals finally arrive, the New Directions have to take on the Hoosierdaddies and their lead singer, Frida Romero (Sanchez).

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-8-jessica-sanchez.jpgCan the glee club win this time?

glee-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-9-tina-brittany-kitty-regionals.jpgEven with an original song to perform, this is going to be a tough one.

The "Glee" Season 4 finale airs Thursday, May 9 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX