'Glee' Season 4 finale photos: Regionals and 'Funny Girl' in 'All or Nothing'

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"Glee" Season 4 is set to go out in a big way. In "All or Nothing," the New Directions finally make it to Regionals, while Rachel auditions at her "Funny Girl" callback. The season could thus end with a lot of winning. Or maybe we'll get nothing.

These photos from the finale give us some hints.

Surprisingly, Rachel ( Lea Michele) looks fairly composed as she prepares to audition once again for a part in "Funny Girl."

glee-422-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-1-rachel-lea-michele.jpgBased on this photo, she probably isn't performing "Don't Stop Believin'" again.

glee-422-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-2-rachel-lea-michele.jpgIs it enough for Rachel to get a part?

glee-422-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-3-rachel-lea-michele-.jpgMeanwhile, back in Lima, Blaine ( Darren Criss) takes a gamble when he goes to buy a ring with which to propose to Kurt ( Chris Colfer). Can guest-star Patty Duke give Blaine the advice he needs?

glee-422-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-4-blaine-ring-darren-criss-patty-duke.jpgMarley ( Melissa Benoist) takes center stage as Regionals begin.

glee-422-season-4-finale-all-or-nothing-fox-5-regionals-marley-melissa-benoist.jpgThe performance is underway. Since the season is ending with Regionals -- not with the State or National competition as in years past -- does this mean that the glee club isn't going to win?

Or will the year just continue on from this point when "Glee" Season 5 begins in the fall? We don't know the answer to that yet, but hopefully we will begin to get a clue when the "Glee" Season 4 finale airs on Thursday, May 9 at 9pm on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX