'Glee' Season 5 premiere photos: Love and the Beatles

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glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-klaine-kiss-fox-main.jpgThe Technicolor dream that is the two-part "Glee" Season 5 premiere now has official photos. First looks at "Love, Love, Love" and "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" show a Klaine kiss, Rachel and Santana's new jobs and a whole carnival of excitement. Check them out here.

There is probably a thematic (or at least musical) reason for Ryder ( Blake Jenner) to be riding a carousel in "Love, Love, Love."

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-1.jpgIt's probably the same reason that Marley ( Melissa Benoist) and Unique ( Alex Newell) are sharing a bumper car.

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-2.jpgIs it safe for Artie ( Kevin McHale) and his wheelchair to be on that ride?

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-3.jpgBlaine ( Darren Criss) is having way too much fun in this episode.

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-4.jpgGranted, he is about to get Kurt ( Chris Colfer) back. So it's fair.

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-5.jpgBut seriously, Blaine is really, really happy.

glee-season-5-episode-1-love-love-love-fox-6.jpgMoving on to the second episode, "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds," Santana ( Naya Rivera) makes some money with commercial work.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-1.jpgShe is advertising "Yeast-i-Stat"? What a glorious gig ...

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-2.jpgBack in high school, Kitty ( Becca Tobin) confronts Artie.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-3.jpgThis may be because she wants to be the prom queen.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-4.jpgThe group -- including a girl named Dottie ( Pamela Chan) -- seems defiantly backing Tina ( Jenna Ushkowitz).

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-5.jpg Phoebe Strole guest-stars as Nurse Penny.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-6.jpgPenny has a present for Sam ( Chord Overstreet).

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-7.jpgRachel ( Lea Michele) sings out her feelings at a new waitressing job.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-8.jpgRyder and Jake ( Jacob Artist) go all Sgt. Pepper.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-9.jpgIt seems to be a trend among the "Glee" kids.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-10.jpgNo one is lonely in this Hearts Club Band.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-11.jpgWill ( Matthew Morrison) is proud.
glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-12.jpgTina gets a rare solo, unfortunately dressed like a hippie.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-13.jpgThe group experiences peace and love and stuff.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-14.jpgIt's all very dramatic.

glee-season-5-episode-2-tina-in-the-sky-with-diamonds-fox-15.jpg"Glee" Season 5 premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 with "Love, Love, Love" at 9 p.m. on FOX. "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" follows on Oct. 3.

Photo/Video credit: FOX