'Glee' season finale: Spreading the love around 'New York'

glee-season2-finale.jpg"Being in New York is like falling in love over and over again." -- Rachel Berry

Series creator Ryan Murphy may have spent two years getting New Directions -- and us -- to Nationals with a focus (especially in season two, as we wrote earlier) on music over story -- on singles, if you will, instead of a concept album. But that all changed Tuesday (May 24) with "Glee's" second season finale.

Murphy brought the story-telling back strong and, to quote Lenny Kravitz, totally let love rule. The show was literally awash in the four letter word.

Mr. Schuester ( Matthew Morrison) -- who gives up his Broadway dream for his kids -- loves the Glee-sters. Rachel ( Lea Michele) loves Broadway. Finn ( Cory Monteith) loves Rachel.  And, goshdarnit, she loves him back. Why not? She won't have to choose between him and a Broadway career for a year -- and hey, didn't Patti Lupone herself tell her to hang on to him?

Blaine ( Darren Criss) loves Kurt ( Chris Colfer). Kurt loves him back. Brittany ( Heather Morris) loves Santana ( Naya Rivera) and (you get the idea), she loves Brittany back. Not to mention Brittany's gushy bit about loving the Glee Club like a family. And we loved Sunshine Corazon's ( Charice) "As Long as You're There."

And although the "L" word wasn't uttered by either of them, we're going to go ahead and assume that new couple Mercedes ( Amber Riley) and Sam ( Chord Overstreet) have warmish feelings for each other, too.

What was missing from the finale? Well, we didn't get any declarations of love from Mr. Schuester for Emma Pillsbury ( Jayma Mays) or vice versa. Still, his return to McKinley High clearly leaves the door open.

And after last week, it would've been nice to get even a little of the old irascible Sue Sylvester ( Jane Lynch) back after last week's tearjerker, but she only appeared in a public service message during a commercial break.

But we can sum up our feelings about the finale with three words: We loved it.

Photo/Video credit: FOX