'Glee' star Darren Criss once looked for love on obscure dating show

darren-criss-dating-1.jpgBefore he sheared those curly locks to play the buttoned-down Blaine on "Glee," Darren Criss made a bid for fame/romance on a Fuse dating show.

The short-lived "You Rock, Let's Roll" enjoyed a one-season run in 2008, and, during a recent repeat, someone recognized one of the contestants and sent the info to a Criss fan Tumblr.

So what can the particularly fervent Criss fans stand to learn from his appearance? Well, he loves a girl with a sense of humor and he's turned off by bad dancers. That narrows the potential dating pool... a bit.   

We've yet to find any video of the appearance, but we'll post as soon as it pops up. And when it does, we imagine Criss' face will look something like this:
Photo/Video credit: Fuse, darreneverettcrissfans.tumblr.com