'Glee' Super Bowl pics: Katy Perry wigs, Zombies, and a 'Carrie' reference

glee-superbowl-1.jpg You've heard the tunes. And now you can see the elaborate outfits they'll be performing them in.

FOX unleashes the first crop of photos from the upcoming "Glee" post-Super Bowl episode, and -- can you believe it? -- the gang is all zombie'd out for the "Thriller"/"Heads Will Roll" mash-up.

glee-superbowl-2.jpg And poor Artie gulls a Sissy Spacek in some sort of "Carrie"-inspired Slushie slaughter. This is sort of disturbing.

glee-superbowl-3.jpgWhile the Cheerios' Katy Perry wigs are just sort of ridiculously fun. Fingers crossed for a rendition of "California Gurls" that name-checks their home state of Ohio instead...
glee-superbowl-4.jpg... or, at the very least, showcases some new use for the McKinley megaphones.

glee-superbowl-5.jpgSo is it all you dreamed of and more? Or were you hoping for a few more scabs?
Photo/Video credit: FOX