'Glee': Watch Brittany's web show, 'Fondue for Two'

glee-fondue.jpgTuesday's (May 3) episode of "Glee" centers on "Rumours," the utterly awesome '70s Fleetwood Mac album. But based on a clip posted to the show's official YouTube channel, we'll get plenty of rumors, too. As in straight up gossip.

In the clip, we get a peek at Brittany's ( Heather Morris) web show, the hilariously-named "Fondue for Two" -- though, as Tina ( Jenna Ushkowitz) points out, there are three of them. But when does Brittany ever make sense?

As Brittany explains, the show combines her two favorite things: "Hot cheese and talking to people." In this webisode, Brittany sits down with "the school's biggest gossips" Mercedes ( Amber Riley) and Tina. Who knew? Anyhow, while burning their tongues with skewers dripping molten cheese, the three dish some McKinley High dirt.

Watch as Brittany drops a bombshell about Santana, then proceeds to play with her cat, Lord Tubbington. We'll leave the symbolism up to you.

Photo/Video credit: Fox