'Glee': Who is this Sugar Motta?

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glee.gifWith the addition of Sugar Motta ( Vanessa Lengies) to "Glee's" third season, Rachel Berry ( Lea Michele) finds herself pitted against a merciless enemy -- one who can't even sing.

Here's what we know so far about McKinley High's newest addition (okay, well, technically Blaine is newer, but oh well):

  • She's got one-liners at the ready, like this one she dropped on Mr. Schue: "Obviously your ears are busted because I worked that song like a stripper pole."

  • She's self-diagnosed herself with Asperger's syndrome, which is a disorcer on the autism spectrum characterized by "significant difficulties in social interaction," per Wikipedia.

  • Her dad owns the piano store that donated the titular purple pianos to the McKinley glee club.

  • She means to be a member of the glee club and, with the departure of Santana, Lauren, Quinn and Sam (wah) they could use some warm bodies -- no matter how out of tune.

  • If you recognize the 26-year-old Lengies, it may be from "Hawthorne" or "American Dreams" -- she was a regular on both shows -- or guest spots on everything from "Castle" to "Ghost Whisperer."
Photo/Video credit: tumblr