'Glee': Zap2it's picks for artists who deserve the Madonna treatment

dolly-parton-glee.jpg "Glee's" all-Madonna episode showcased several of the icon's greatest hits and culminated in a Sue Sylvester-starring "Vogue" video that had might never again be topped by the show.

There is currently a movement started by Brit-Brit's manager Adam Leber, to get an all-Britney Spears "Glee" episode. Zap2it thinks that's great, but there are some other artists out there who are also deserving of the Madonna treatment.

Mariah Carey: Lea Michele in pig tails, on skates, in a cheesy Mariah-inspired butterfly tank belting out a buffet of Mimi classics. Can you just picture it now? Rachel Berry skating through the halls of McKinley High singing a Mimi mashup of "Fantasy," "Heartbreaker," and "Dreamlover." And since it's a Ryan Murphy brainchild after all, then let's throw in some lambs crossing Rach's path for physical comedy effect. (Sidenote: To clarify, there's no modernization with roller blades, we're talking four-wheeler Xanadu-style for Berry).

Dolly Parton: You could easily score an entire season of "Glee" with Dolly songs, but there is one number we really, really want to see. It's about time for Terri to deliver a number, and what better one to deliver towards that temptress Emma Pillsbury than "Jolene"?

Heart: We already heard just a snippet of "Alone" from Mr. Schu and Kristin Chenoweth's April Rhodes, but we'd like to hear Lea's Rachel telling Finn (or Jesse) how she wants to get him "Alone" (and this time we want the whole song). Amber's Mercedes would rock out on "Crazy On You" and Quinn could probably make "Barracuda" pretty sexy. As for the guys ... well, since Emma Pillsbury won't cash in her V card, Mr. Schu could try his hand at "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You." And maybe Terri Schuester could finally get a song as she asks Will, "Who Will You Run To?"

U2: The on-your-feet anthem "Vertigo" would be a great addition to Vocal Adrenaline's arsenal, with Jesse St. James wailing "Hello, hello ..."; "With or Without You" is a natural for an aching, longing duet between Rachel and Finn, Puck and Quinn -- heck, pick your star-crossed couple. Mercedes could own the Mary J. Blige version of "One," and we could see Mr. Schue singing an urgent version of "Two Hearts Beat as One" to Emma. And, going way back into the catalog, an episode-wrapping, we're-all-in-this-together cover of "I Will Follow" by New Directions would be awesome.

To see the rest of our 15 Artists Zap2it Thinks Should Get the Madonna Treatment, check out our photo gallery.

And don't worry -- we didn't forget Lady Gaga. Zap2it is very pro-Gaga. She's a bit too new to have her own "Glee" episode yet, but we think the Season 4 premiere episode has Lady Gaga written all over it.

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