'Glee's' GQ pics: 'Borderline pedophilia' or just fun? Vote!

glee-gq-lea-michele-lg.jpgThe Parents Television Council isn't so "Glee"-ful about a recent photo shoot that they think sexualizes the actresses who play high schoolers.

Zap2it posted some of the photos in question on Tuesday (Oct. 19). They're from a GQ feature for their November issue that shows Lea Michele and Dianna Agron wearing skimpy versions of school clothes.

In the full slide show, Michele in particular is seen a full-frontal panties shot and with bra exposed in several photos. Agron's pictures are more demure, but do reveal her midriff and glimpses of her bra. Fellow cast member Cory Monteith is also in the photo shoot, but fully clothed each time. All actors are over 18 (Agron and Michel,e both 24; Monteith, 28), although they play younger on TV.

The full complaint from PTC prez Tim Winter: