'Glee's' Grant Gustin goes glam in new photo shoot

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grant-gustin-freeby-top.jpg"Glee's" star-making power is undeniable. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are now household names thanks to their leading roles on the FOX series. And Darren Criss went from temporary guest star to series regular in an instant after signing on as a love interest for Colfer's Kurt.

Will the same thing happen to Grant Gustin, who has been recurring as this season's villain, Dalton Warbler Sebastian? Reports are swirling that he's being promoted to series regular for Season 4, so yes, he probably will become much more famous than he is right now.

This could happen sooner rather than later if Gustin's vocal fanbase gets their way -- the actor is at the top of many fans' wish lists to play Finnick in the next "Hunger Games" movie, "Catching Fire."

Gustin has begun to embrace his newfound fame and recently posed for a fashion shoot in the new issue of Glamaholic. Photographer Michael Freeby snapped pics of Gustin wearing Joyrich's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, and shared his photos with Zap2it.

Check them out below -- we're certain you will enjoy. (In short: Gustin is a handsome dude. Let's all ogle him together.)


Photo/Video credit: Michael Freeby Photography