'Glee's' Lea Michele misses Cory Monteith but debut album keeps her distracted

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lea-michele-cory-monteith-glee-tribute.jpg "Glee" recently said goodbye to actor Cory Monteith, who passed away earlier this year from a mix of heroin and alcohol. He had been dating co-star Lea Michele for the past two years and a source tells People that while "it's getting a little easier," Michele "still misses him every day."

"She talks about Cory all the time," says the source. "[She] doesn't like to be alone. Her friends have really been helping her through it." And a second friend tells People, "She's really struggled. It was hard to get up every morning. But now, she's doing okay."

Part of the moving on process seems to be working on her debut album. Michele posted the below photo over the weekend, captioned: "Team LM.. @EsteeStanley taking pic:) #AlbumCoverShoot."

She adds, "Thank you to the best team in the whole world today for an amazing shoot! ... I'm so excited for u guys to hear my album. It's so special to me. Im so grateful for u all. Thank u for giving me so much love & support."


Photo/Video credit: Getty Images, Twitter