'Glee's' Matthew Morrison bares his abs for Vogue and Raquel Zimmerman

matthew-morrison-vogue1.jpgSue Sylvester can say all she wants about Mr. Shue's hair ... but we're pretty sure she'd be speechless when it comes to his abs.


"Glee's" Matthew Morrison joins "Gossip Girl's" Blake Lively as a feature in this June's Vogue issue. Although it's another gorgeous blonde who's actually by his side in his summer-themed skintastic pics: model Raquel Zimmerman.

Morrison and Zimmerman hit the beach for this photo shoot showcasing Vogue's June portfolio of the summer's hottest swimwear.

We're thinking if that "Glee" thing doesn't work out, Morrison might consider taking up swimsuit modeling....

Check out the rest of his photo shoot below: