'Glee's' Matthew Morrison's hook ups; 'Real Housewife' Sonja Tremont-Morgan bankrupt

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Matthew Morrison narrowly escapes a stampede of high school girls and their (probably) bejeweled cell phones during a visit to his alma mater and Details has all the deets. He also tells the mag, "I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway." Okay, either he's trying to make himself sound cool, or he was legitimately making up for lost time. The ab-tastic 32 year old apparently joined a Bible-study group in college and lost his virginity at 21. Hilarious side note: Details' reporter was booted from the  "Glee" rehearsal because Lea Michele is too easily distracted. Surely someone can hook girlfriend up with some Adderall. [ Details]

"Real Housewives of New York City's" Sonja Tremont-Morgan describes herself as "thrifty" in her introduction to the show, but now we're wondering if she is aware of the definition. Tremont-Morgan filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection ... generally not something thrifty shoppers tend to do. The reality star blames her money woes on both an unresolved divorce as well as a failed movie project with John Travolta. Maybe this self proclaimed movie producer and author should find a real job. We bet Starbucks is hiring! [ Celebuzz]
Photo/Video credit: Details