'Go On': Lauren Graham takes a shot with Ryan

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lauren-graham-go-on4.jpgNBC will offer up a double dose of Lauren Graham next week. In addition to her regular appearance on "Parenthood," she's also guest-starring on "Go On."

Graham -- a good friend of "Go On" star Matthew Perry -- plays Amy, a buddy of Ryan's (Perry) and Steven's ( John Cho) from college. Perry told us earlier that "there were some sparks" in their college days, and she tries to re-ignite them in Tuesday's (Nov. 20) show. Also, they play Pop-a-Shot.

lauren-graham-go-on3.jpgIt's not all smooth going, though. Ryan is obviously still working through the loss of his wife, but Amy's presence also brings out a competitive streak in Steven, one that extends beyond barroom basketball games.

lauren-graham-go-on2.jpgThis last photo is devoid of context, but the T-shirt with the stretched-out neck and the slightly messy hair suggest a "morning after" scenario, don't you think?

lauren-graham-go-on1.jpgAre you looking forward to seeing Lauren Graham on "Go On"?

Photo/Video credit: NBC