Golden Globes 2011: Kim Kardashian and 'Glee' cast party publicly

kim-kardashian-golden-globes-glee-1.jpgNever leave Kim Kardashian alone with your Golden Globe.

The reality star hit up a few after-parties on Sunday night, where she got cozy with the cast of "Glee."  Never one to under-share, Kim documented the night with a blitzkrieg (blitzgleeg?) of TwitPics, including a few of her getting awfully handsy with Chris Colfer's statuette for supporting actor in a TV series.

kim-kardashian-golden-globes-glee-2.jpgAnd just because she didn't win anything, doesn't mean Lea Michele is safe from Kim's camera. This one accompanied a tweeted profession of Kim's girl crush. "I think I'm in love with @MsLeaMichele," she writes. "So beautiful and so talented!"

kim-kardashian-golden-globes-glee-3.jpgBut does Lea Michele have a Golden Globe? No. And from the looks of it, Kim certainly wants one. Should they ever include a category for being able to make the same facial expression in absolutely every photograph, she just might get one..

Photo/Video credit: TwitPic