Golden Globes 2013 worst dressed: Jessica Chastain, Gabby Douglas, Amy Adams and more

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golden-globes-2013-worst-dressed-jessica-chastain-gabrielle-douglas-emily-mortimer-gi.jpgThey may have talent and they may have beauty, but not all of the stars walking the 70th Golden Globe Awards red carpet have style. There's always a chance for poor fashion choices, but who is the worst dressed of the night?

Above, we have some of the ladies who made the wrong choices tonight. You can't make Jessica Chastain not beautiful. Alas, the same cannot be said for this ill-fitting dress. Emily Mortimer of "The Newsroom" went more form-fitting with her silver sequins. But the dress still looked strange. Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas was all dressed-up, but whoever chose that yellow color made a big mistake. And we got to watch Giuliana Rancic and her choking-inclined black lace all night on E!

golden-globes-2013-worst-dressed-amyadams-sienna-miller-gi.jpgThese were not the only women who might have chosen better dresses though. Amy Adams may be a brilliant actress, but she failed with a dress that matched her skin and feet-disappearing skirt. Sienna Miller's two-piece dress seemed to be covered with cotton-candy puffs. "Breaking Bad" actress Anna Gunn may like those flowers, but she should have passed on the pink toga. Finally, Rachel Weisz seemed to have worn not one but two dresses. Separately, they might have worked. Together, not so much.

What were your least-favorite dresses of the night?

Photo/Video credit: Getty Images