Golden Globes 2014: Meet Mr. Golden Globe, Tina Fey's adult son Randy

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You've met Miss Golden Globes 2014 -- Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick's daughter, Sosie Bacon. But have you met Mr. Golden Globes 2014?

Tina Fey introduced someone very special during the 71st Golden Globe Awards ... Randy.

"In the name of gender equality, please welcome Mr. Golden Globes: my adult son from a previous relationship, Randy," Fey says as her co-host Amy Poehler walked onstage wearing a tux and Justin Bieber-style wig.

After a little banter back and forth with Sosie, Randy starts complaining, leading to this winning argument:

Randy: "Am I done?"

Fey: "Do you want to go live with your father?

Randy: "I can't, you won't tell me who he is!"

Randy then walked through the audience, trying to find his father, ending up next to Idris Elba.


"Is this him?" Randy asks. "No, Idris Elba is not your father," Fey responds. When Randy asked the same question about Harvey Weinstein, who was sitting next to Elba, Fey wasn't so quick to shoot the speculation down.

Photo/Video credit: NBC