'Good Wife' sneak peek pics: Alicia vs. Jackie, Peter declares gubernatorial run

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jackie-alicia-good-wife.jpgThere are three weeks until "The Good Wife" is back with new episodes (which is just killer, coming off the excellent episode that aired Sunday night, March 25). But CBS has posted some sneak peek pictures that definitely have our interest piqued.

First, it looks as though Alicia and Jackie are having a confrontation, possibly at Peter's office. Though we hope we also get to see the throwdown at the beauty salon, where the last episode left off.

Secondly, Peter appears to have officially throw his hat in the race for Governor of Illinois, in the below picture. He is probably at a press conference and his campaign poster is showing. Finally, there are some Case of the Week clues in the photo caption for the pic of Diane, which says, "Diane and Alicia represent a trio of girls who are presented with a strict plea deal in a murder case."

Sounds great. "No Ordinary Lie" airs Sunday, April 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

peter-governor-good-wife.jpg diane-good-wife.jpg

Photo/Video credit: CBS